Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

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Christmas was wonderful....though I am still knitting gifts...Jack's first ornament ... Cole's first ornament & my LAST "baby's first ornament" ever!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I got some stuff done!

I have been busy being a mommy & doing lots of things, but I am pleased to announce that I did get two projects done that have been eating at me! First off, I got my black & gold chevron scarf done. My son just finished his 9th grade football season & I will be wearing this scarf to every game until he graduates. This is the only photo I have of it, though it is not a very artistic photo it sure is one of my favorites.

The sewing gods smiled on me once again, and let me finish the pajama pants that I have been trying to finish for 6 months. Actually my mom smiled on me, right before she passed away I got her 1980 Kenmore Sears sewing machine & it runs so smooth. So I got to finish those pants, finally! Here they are! Jack and I were rockin out to a little Guitar Hero...he loved it.
Next time I am using bed sheets & skipping the trim. This material was a linen mix & were a PAIN to sew, since I don't know how to sew linen. The puckered occasionally & I had to rip out seams a couple times and they are scratchy. So I don't recommend a linen blend for p.j. pants.
(Sabrina was the photog on these shots, and did pretty well, I think)

I went outside the other day to shoot some random things, I got this photo(untouched) & I wanted to share it because I really like it. Winter is on it's way, the leaves are mostly gone & a chill is in the air. 50 shopping days left!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I'm sorry I have been so busy & not beloved mother finally passed on after her 2 and a half year battle with Ovarian Cancer. She passed on September 24th. She was so strong all through her illness & she will be missed by all the grand kids so much. This was the last picture that I took with her when Cole was just 10 days old.

We hand each grandchild put a hand print on the casket in paint. It turned out sister and I took a photo of it before they took her to her final resting place.

On the knitting front I have been working on Haven and have about a half of skein left. I am giving it to my mother's hospice nurse Jessica who was so wonderful these past few months. As soon as I get it done I will take a photo.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cole Joseph

Ladies meet the newest heart breaker in our family.....Cole Joseph.
He was born on July 21, 2009 at 3:05 p.m.
Weighing in at 8 pounds 5 ounces.....

He looks exactly like his brother Jack...(you can see a comparison photo here)
Oddly they were born close to the same time, Jack was born at 3:04 p.m. & weighed almost the same, Jack weighed 8#4oz) They are little clones of one another.

Labor was easy & wonderful...I know you don't here that too often but as you can tell, since I have not posted since May, the last couple months were horrible. I swelled to amazing proportions, lost feeling in the fingertips on my right hand & my feet hurt so badly I wanted to cut them off. So there had been no knitting for me.

I picked up the needles this week & am determined to finish a scarf I wanted done last is slowly going back to normal & with the addition finished, the baby here, and my fingers alive again I plan on knitting as much as I can!

I took the above photo of Cole last week. That is his Daddy's wedding ring he is holding.
The D90 & I are becoming better friends & with the help of DVD's & books I am figuring him out. So hopefully I will also have time to take lots of beautiful baby pictures. I look forward to catching up on all of your blogs in the next couple of days.


Monday, May 18, 2009


67 days, really! That's all I have until this baby gets here.....*sigh* I'm ready but I think I need more time. As you can see time has not been my friend lately, I seem to run out of it frequently. Maybe it's the attention the little guy needs or maybe it's that my house is still in a disarray but we are coming to the end & I am happy to say that today we get electricity in the room & the tile in the shower will be done. Next weekend we will have running water! Then the fun begins, decorating! Any ideas ladies? Anything in your bedroom that you were so glad you put, painted or planted in there that you want to share?We did get a bed (our old one is a queen size) & bedding. I searched for bedding for hours on the internet, with no luck, it's so hard to tell the colors and what you are going to get quality-wise. So I was off to many different stores in our area & settled for some Martha Stewart Bedding from Macy's & was pleased once I got it home & the colors worked. I still need to get the bed skirt on & Matt is going to help me make a headboard. I found this link, it looks it's off to JoAnn's for fabric!
Jack had his surgery last week & I am glad to say is doing great! No infection, no split stitches & he can finally get a real bath tonight after 5 days! He was a real trooper. I got to save his little hospital gown & it now has a special spot with his older brother's hospital gown. Justin was 3 when he got his tonsils out, now when Cole gets here he will have to accquire one too!

Sadly knitting has still been scarce. Ruby has given me a little bit of a headache & I am thinking she needs to be put away for a little bit so we can get a break from each other. I am making a ring bearers pillow for my SIL's wedding in June so I have to start that. It's really like knitting 2 dishcloths & sewing them together, it shouldn't be that hard & my little man will be carrying it down the aisle. In the meantime I did start my conatiner garden on the deck & I love it. I have so many different herbs. Chamomille, Stevia & Catnip for tea. Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, Oregeno, Chives, Parsley & Cilantro for cooking. Around Memorial Day I will add the veggies! Yummy!

Hope all is well with you all.....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Loco Loco

Time flies by when your house is under construction. The days get away from me faster than I can blink & by 9 p.m. I am tired & wanting to go to bed. Maybe it's that I only have a 101 days left before the baby comes, maybe I am just getting old. Whatever the case I have been up to things, I just haven't had time to here it goes. Short & sweet.Ruby is cooking along & is the only thing that I am working on at the moment. Ruby is more challenging & only gets worked on at night when the kids are tucked away. I am past the second armhole & am looking forward to the end, so I can start on the sleeves.I made these cute little letters for the Easter/Spring holiday for my mantle. Cardboard letters from JoAnn, painted by me with a cute little cutouts from JoAnn hot glued onto them. I had to take it easy for a couple of weeks because of a low-lying, torn placenta....I was kind of on "couch rest." But after another sonogram this past week I have been given the OK & everything fixed itself. These letters were a result of my "couch rest" period.I had baskets for everyone on Easter morning, including one for my husband. It consisted of some of his favorite candies & these really cool beer bands. I rediscovered Pier 1 Imports recently & found these there. Just like us ladies have wine charms the men can now have beer bands.My FIL brought me back these wonderful truffles from Belgium, If you have never had Belgium truffles or Belgium chocolate I insist that you try it. Find someone headed over there & beg them to bring you back some of these. You won't be sorry. It made my Easter so much better!Honestly, I could run off a list of the things that have been going wrong in our home. From the 4 hours I spent at Pep Boys the day before Easter with a 15-month old getting my car fixed, only to come home exhausted & find that my husband & our drywall-er had ripped out a Living Room ceiling because of a leak/crack. Which in under most circumstances isn't awful but when you are having Easter dinner the next day it's kinda bad.

But the worst is that 2 days before Easter we found out that the little boy you see there with that smiling face has a hernia & needs surgery. I am contemplating running away for a while until all the craziness is over. It's starting to wear me down. Anyone know any good pregnant lady vacation spots?

Miss you all.....I am going to go to my Google Reader now to catch up on all of you!

Monday, March 23, 2009


I finished Felicity a couple of weeks ago & forgot to post it! It was a simple knit & I really love this hat. Looks great on, especially from the front but I won't show you my unwashed, raccoon-eyed tired face today, don't want you all to loose your breakfast.

I have been working on the remainder of Ruby like a mad woman, I am past the second armhole & cruising along. It's my night time knitting because nothing gets done during the day.

Today I have electricians here, and this weekend they broke into the main part of the house & tore out the walls separating Sabrina & Jack's rooms. Lots of dust & lots of cleaning is shot of what used to be Sabrina's wall & Jack's Closet...all gone...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just call me Slacker!

I know, I have been terrible. It's bad when you feel guilty because you haven't kept up with all your cyber-friends blogs. Not commenting or ohhing & ahhing over their creative talents. My creativity hit a wall these past couple of weeks. But it is slowly coming back.

I have spent most of my online time picking out faucets, shower heads, body sprays, sconces, ceiling fans(I still have yet to find one I like), recessed lighting and a new bed. I sit down at night for what should be a few minutes of searching for the perfect sconce & 3 hours later I wonder where the time went. This experience has taught me one thing, I am not fit mentally to ever take on the task of building a home from the ground up, Matt & I would end up in divorce court, or living together in our beautiful new home, sleeping in separate rooms. Here is the progress so far.
On the creative front..................a big fat ZERO! Nothing to share, nothing to show. But as soon as I finish this post I am off to put the trim on those PJ pants that have been haunting me for 3 weeks. Now I see why so many bloggers skip the trim on these babies.

I did get home to see my mom 2 weekends ago & she gave me a stash of vintage material that was in her attic. Most of it is from the 70's ans 80's when she was in full on sewing mode!My favorite piece is that of Henrietta Hippo from a show that my sister & I used to watch(click her to see a YOUTUBE of the show & see if you can figure our who the mailman is!) called The New Zoo Revue. I can still hear the theme song in my head!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Charmed....I'm sure

This lovely neck warmer started out as Felicity, I got to the decreases & realized I was going to need another skein. After a frantic, 20 minute search online, I came to the realization that I was not going to find my colorway, the yarn, Charmed, has been discontinued & everyone was pretty much sold out. So I went to Ebay & bought 2 skeins, that match, in a Raspberry color. So I will cast Felicity on again this week!

*House update....this neck warmer is hiding my cold sores, 3 in all! I look like a leper & it is because of this house. So much going on & getting to my washer to do the laundry is a challenge since I have a large pile of dirt in front of it....God help me. They start ripping the roof off this weekend.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Purple Overload

Purple seems to be the theme around here. I finished the Rose Hill Hat for my Aunt Lilia & I am making another one for my mother in a lighter purple. Now that the scarves for my daughter's dance school have also been done I have been working on Haven in the evening & just love the way it is turning out. I think I may cut back to using 2 skeins instead of the recommended's very long with 1 skein already....with the leftover I am thinking of making Felicity, inspired by A.D.D. knitter.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Confessions of a Disgruntled Housewife

I am disgruntled, I want spring to be here and for my house to have open windows & fresh air. I want my Lilac bush to blossom and smell heavenly. I want to play outside with my son and feel the sun on my face. I want to grill food on my deck and sit outside on the front porch to have my morning tea. I want to wear my Hunter "wellies" in the spring rains. I want birds chirping & see flowers blooming. Is that so much to ask? Well I asked, and it's not really happening. So to combat my spring blues, I made a spring apron......I am on a bit of a sewing kick, learning something new can be so invigorating!

I found this pattern in Amy Butlers book...In Stitches. I think I did really good for my second project. Right now I am tackling the Amy Butler Wide Leg PJ pants. Stay tuned....

Some of my friends have already heard & seen some photos. This past week we started a 5th bedroom onto the house, while searching for the drainage to our new bathroom we found this. A secret room underneath our garage. Nothing was holding up my cars except for about six of these beautiful 2x4's & a steel beam that had rotted away & fell down, it was a disaster waiting to happen. I'm just glad we found it. So before we can add the bedroom we have to fix this problem. The bonus is that this dirty, gross room will now be a "theater room" in our basement. We are going to have to bust through a wall in our already finished basement but I am all about utilizing space.
This one is for Abi....these are some vintage plates that were my Grandmother's. They hung in her house as long as I can remember. All they are is pieces of material that were cut out & seem to have been dipped in glue then pasted onto the plate to make a Victoian man & woman. The glue has browned over the years & the black painted outline of the plates is not in great shape, but I keep them in my kitchen & think of Grammie everytime I look at them. She passed away in 2005 at 94 years young.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A little something to keep you warm...Bobby's Sick Soup.

I had a friend who was a great cook, we were friends, about a decade ago, so I can tell this story now. She was in her late 40's & a great mom(though her kids were off in college), great wife, great friend.....she had one little indiscretion. His name was Bobby, yes she took a lov-ah, in her defense her husband was not a very good communicator but they are still together from what I hear.
One time Bobby was sick & she took him this soup with a nice loaf of bread & a down comforter to keep him warm.....she was a great girlfriend too! I remember stopping by her house & she had stored this soup in a giant ball jar & was headed over to see him.....she rolled the recipe to me off the top of her head, I think I got it right & quite frankly have never written it down....until now.....for all of you.

Bobby's Sick Soup*
1 rotisserie chicken
1 cup of mild slasa
3/4 cup of rice
1 can of mexi-corn
black beans(optional)
48 oz. of chicken broth
32 oz. of chicken stock

Put broth & stock to a large pot. Add salsa, corn & rice. Pick apart the breast of the chicken, tearing into pieces. Add to pot. You can simmer all day if you like or out it on Med./High until the rice is cooked through. Serve with a nice crusty loaf of bread, I bought a loaf of Pan Bigio at Giant Eagle OR if you are feeling ambitious you can hop over to Leslie's & grab the link to a homemade loaf of bread.....enjoy!
*I think I might need to come up with a new name.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is what has been going on over here....

I wish I could tell you all that I have been doing some fabulous knitting but it has been really boring.

I am doing some striped garter stitch scarves to be used at my daughter's dance school for a recital number that hails from Mary Poppins. The little girls are dancing to Chim Chim Cheree & are dressed as chimney sweeps....all black....dirty faces and they only splash of color will be scarves. I taught a group of moms at the school to knit a couple weekends ago & while most got it some were not bitten with the bug. A couple ladies were. We need 19 scarves by February, I have turned out 3 & am working on my 4th. My duaghter isn't even in this number.....oh, the things I could be knitting.In sewing news....I took a class at JoAnn Fabrincs & walked away with this. Not bad for my first project. I hope to get some more sewing in......we will see if time & kids permit me! Aprons are fun. I think I might try one from the book A is for Apron...I picked it up at JoAnn's when I got me other sewing notions!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Anything I knit in Malabrigo, always pills....why? I don't understand, it makes me so mad! I paid good money for the yarn & somehow I end up looking like I grabbed some item at the Salvation Army & threw it on. Does anyone have advice? What do you block it with? How do you block it? Does it pill? Erin & A.D.D. Knitter both use Malabrigo & their things never seem to I cursed?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Winner is.......

I had hubby pull a name out of a hat & you are the winner. E-mail with your info!

I met up with Leslie at Knit One last week & bought some great yarn by Rowan called Cocoon.
It is so soft & smooth. I started knitting Haven (Ravelry link) & can't is such a pretty scarf. I am hoping to have it done next week.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Namaste' & a contest...

Last post I told you all what I look forward to for this year! Leave a comment here & tell me what you are looking forward to, and get a chance to win this bag. It was a birthday gift & I really wanted it but it just never worked right for me. Contest ends this Saturday, January 10th at Midnight.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Bring on 2009!

As I sat down to reflect on the year ahead with all of you I started to panic slightly. I realized how much I have ahead of me. It was scary. The scariest part was the realization that I don't know that I will have a lot of "me" time.

As many of you know my mom is not doing well, and after her appointment on the 30th of December the doctor told her to just go home, call hospice, and enjoy her time. So I will be traveling home quite a bit to see her. Sometimes with the kids, sometimes without.

On top of that, my sister-in-law gets married on June 13th, my daughter's BIG recital is June 20th, my baby arrives somewhere around July 24th & oh yeah, we are adding a 5th bedroom over the garage. Which in itself is HUGE, but then I realized Sabrina will be moving into our old room(it will need painted) Jack into Sabrina's old room(it will need painted) baby-to-be into Jack's old room(it will need painted because we are taking a wall down in there). Hold on a sec.....panic attack coming on! *breathe, Keana, breathe* Was it's God's joke not to give mother's 8 arms, because we really needed them!What I would really like to do is take a sewing class at JoAnn's ( I think I just might). Sew more, organize my home, finish knitting Ruby, attend the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival, get my D90 fixed(the LCD screen broke) Flickr more, cook less, & organize my yarn storage chest. Wow, I really try to make it all about me, but somehow it just never works out that way.
I started my first project yesterday, going through 3 big plastic bins full of old photos. I went to JoAnn's & got these. I started labeling photos & trying to remember what year they were taken. It will take me a couple weeks but I know it can be done. I guess my overall New Year's Resolution is to be MORE ORGANIZED!!!!! It would make my life so much better.
Happy New Year bloggy friends, I couldn't imagine going through all this craziness without you guys!