Friday, June 27, 2008

My name is Keana, and I'm a dumpster diver.

Yes, it's true when garbage day rolls around, especially in the Springtime I find myself excited about the prospect of finding my neighbors "spring cleaning' cast-offs on there lawn. I take a walk with the baby through the neighborhood, looking for goodies that might become part of our home. I recently came across what looked like an old school house chair. I immediately went back home grabbed the car, and threw it in. After I debated on stripping off the paint, I decided against that, I had my ever-so-helpful-hubby drill a small hole into the seat which allowed him to get the jigsaw blade down in there to cut an almost perfect round hole. Then with a little lettering & some really good polyurethane I had a new home for my Rosemary bush on my deck. I'd like to add on some more decorative vines & lettering when I get more time, that may happen in about 6 years when Jack is in school all day!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kitchen Knits Swap

I swore that this year I was not going to do any swaps or KAL's. I didn't want to make promises I couldn't keep & didn't know how much time I would have with my new baby boy. But I saw a swap while surfing blogs & I just couldn't resist.

Marisol started the Kitchen Knits Swap(which I hope she does again) It combined two of my favorite things, knitting & cooking. The idea was that you sent a knitted kitchen-themed item or a kitchen themed pattern with the yarn. A favorite kitchen staple of yours & 3 of your favorite recipes. Along with anything else you might want to throw in.

I received my package yesterday & boy was it GREAT! We all filled out short questionaires for our swap buddy along with putting pictures of our kitchens on the swap site. I got a "tuscany" themed box of goodies. Carla sent some great things; a cookbook, Peaches n' Cream yarn to create the oh-do-cute Nubbins Dishcloth, Ruby Roobis Tea(which I already have tasted, sooo good) dish towels, oven mitts, a recipe for Ratatouille, Ghirardelli Brownie mix and the most beautiful Tuscan themed coffe/tea mug! Thanks Carla, I loved them all!!!! Cheers.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Blanket of Comfort

As many of you know my mother has been fighting Ovarian Cancer for the past year and 5 months. Sadly things are not getting better & it seems that fighting the good fight sometimes just isn't enough. I have been trying to get home as much as possible to see her & spend time with her. I took the kids to Altoona this past week for 5 days & let her spend time with everyone, especially the new baby.

Weighing in at 84 pounds she gets cold easily, even in the summertime, so I am on a mission to finish a beautiful blanket for her that was first introuduced to me by Leslie.

I have 2 and half panels finished up & it's such a quick & easy knit that I hope to have it done this week. You can find the pattern ont the Lion Brand Website. I searched the web ferociously for the best price on yarn. I found that going to & linking to Joann Fabrics from there got me free S&H. The yarn on site was even cheaper than it was in the store!

This blanket would make a great Christmas gift, but for me it has become a mission to give my mom some warmth & comfort.