Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowmageddon 2010

 I am sure you all have heard the East Coast has gotten slammed with snow, which means my 4 kids have been home since last Friday & we really didn't get out much.

Luckily before the storm came I had the good sense to go to Goodwill & grab some sweaters so that I could make one of these.  I found a great piece of material at JoAnn Fabrics in the remenant aisle for the back & got to work all day Saturday.  Then when it was time to sew her shut, my machine kind of died on me.  I got the machine when my mom passed away & I think it just needs some oil because it is making one hell of a squeaky noise & the bobbin thread keeps catching.    I even sewed little heart buttons in the middle of each square while watching Lost the other night. 

It is such a  warm blanket, I feel asleep on the couch yesterday while the boys napped.  Now as soon as this snow clears a little I am taking the machine in to get some oil so I can start making some of these!  Let the Spring thaw begin!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Model Husband

This is one of my first creations, the scarf not the man.  I made this about 5 years ago for my husband,  I never posted about it.  I taught my self to knit after 10 years of crocheting.  While at Michael's one day I picked up a kit from Lion Brand to make socks.  The yarn was Fisherman's Wool which was REALLY thick, after I got it home and read the pattern I realized this was not the best project to start with, so I knit a scarf for my daughter with different yarn.  Later I pulled out the yarn from the kit and made him a scarf .  The pattern, I am ashamed to say, came from a book I saw at Borders, it was a simple pattern that I copied onto a piece of paper because I didn't want to spend the money on the book for one pattern.  *GASP HERE*  I don't think he really liked it but he did wear it quite a bit so he didn't hurt my feelings.  I found it in the bottom of our "winter stuff" box and made him pose...thanks baby!