This is what has been going on over here....

I wish I could tell you all that I have been doing some fabulous knitting but it has been really boring.

I am doing some striped garter stitch scarves to be used at my daughter's dance school for a recital number that hails from Mary Poppins. The little girls are dancing to Chim Chim Cheree & are dressed as chimney sweeps....all black....dirty faces and they only splash of color will be scarves. I taught a group of moms at the school to knit a couple weekends ago & while most got it some were not bitten with the bug. A couple ladies were. We need 19 scarves by February, I have turned out 3 & am working on my 4th. My duaghter isn't even in this number.....oh, the things I could be knitting.In sewing news....I took a class at JoAnn Fabrincs & walked away with this. Not bad for my first project. I hope to get some more sewing in......we will see if time & kids permit me! Aprons are fun. I think I might try one from the book A is for Apron...I picked it up at JoAnn's when I got me other sewing notions!


Carrie K said…
The apron looks good! Those scarves look cute too, they'll be darling in the number. But sans any of your offspring? Saintly, you are.

Aw. Poor neglected kitty.
That's a lot of garter stitch! How about subbing the worsted for polar weight ;-) You're a better lady than me Keana! They look wonderful though.

Hmm...maybe now that you took that sewing class you could whip up some striped fabric scarves. People probably won't be able to tell the difference from the audience and as long as they have drape...

The apron looks great by the way!
KnitPastis said…
Oh Keana, don't say you haven't been up to nothing. I am digging your scarves especially the orange and lavender ones. These are pretty. I might end up knitting one these the next hospital time around! My washcloths were boring. I like these. What yarn, cast on and needle size you are using?
Steller sewing job!
Aglaya said…
Hi there! I just popped here to thank for your comments. Sorry it took me so long to get here. Last weeks have been a bit hard for me, but now I'm trying to catch up with blogging.
Good luck with the scarves!
Marisol said…
Gosh that is a pretty darn good FO for your firts sewing session!

You are very sweet to be knitting those scarves. Not a selfish bone in your body:)
Anonymous said…
you are such a good mom! Really! All those garter stitch scarves and your kids not in that number? Your wonderful. Really. And the colors are fantastic.

Great apron, lovely fabric that you picked out and it looks great : )
Traceyleezle said…
I just got that book from the library, great aprons. I love yours. Gee, you can make cloth diapers now. ;)
Need any help with those scarves? Email me.
did you make cookies wearing that cute apron. or bake bread?? :)

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