Anything I knit in Malabrigo, always pills....why? I don't understand, it makes me so mad! I paid good money for the yarn & somehow I end up looking like I grabbed some item at the Salvation Army & threw it on. Does anyone have advice? What do you block it with? How do you block it? Does it pill? Erin & A.D.D. Knitter both use Malabrigo & their things never seem to I cursed?


tiennie said…
The only thing that I've knitted with Malabrigo is something I've given away. It was nice to work with but I don't know how it lasted. Sorry yours pills so much!
nicole said…
You are not alone!!! It pills!!! I would bet ten bucks that thier stuff pills too! It's so soft , feels great to work w/ but Lord , have mercy it pills , something fierce!!! I've knit w/ it and recievd gifts , they all PILL!
nicole said…
i can spell ! it should read "their"
Yarn It said…
I knit one thing with Malabrigo also and it didn't pill terribly - but it did pill a bit. Mind you, I have not worn the sweater since I knit it either so the slight pilling was just from wear and tear of knitting! I love the feel of Malabrigo but if it pills so bad it is not worth it.
My brother wore the hat I knit him last year with Malabrigo to Christmas this year and he looked like a bum with a dirty, pilled hat on his head. I made him leave the hat here, gave it a good washing and then took the electric sweater shaver to it. That didn't help the pilling much so I actually wound up shaving it with a razor.

So, to answer your question, I shave my Malabrigo and my Manos.
oh keana! don't tell me that. i am knitting my february lady with it. it hasn't pilled much for me, but i also only have a pair of mitts and a hat, both which aren't worn every day. but it is a single ply and i think that single ply generally does mean more pilling. i never thought about it until now...
cosymakes said…
so. here's the story :)

merino is a short fiber, and when spun for optimum softness (i.e. loosely), there's not enough twist to hold all the fiber in. the short little fibers are easily pulled out and thus the pilling.

so sad!
i don't think i will knit with malabrigo.
kristin said…
i've had the same problem with worsted weight malabrigo...feels all cushy and dreamy while knitting...looks ragged after wearing a few times. I've had better luck with the chunky...a couple of thorpe hats are wearing nicely in their second year. I just bought 2 balls of sock yarn, so we'll see how that holds up.
Sandy said…
Sorry, I don't have any advice for you. but I do love your pregnancy countdown much.
How exciting!
KnitPastis said…
Gesh, I don't know. I do know that I think I am the last person to have yet knit with this yarn though.
The pilling is happening to the vest I wear alot. It's made out of Patons Classic Merino.
Carrie K said…
It pills? Oh no! But it's so pretty. I've got some for a scarf too.
amandacathleen said…
ooo, your mitts are such a pretty blue too!
Single plies have a tendency to pill. The tighter the twist a yarn has, the longer the pills take to develop and they will. Its not just single ply wools that pill 3-ply or any ply pill too! Soft wools, like merino have a short staple (the length of the fiber) which also helps the pills develop. Corriedale is not as soft as merino and has a long staple.
If you where to knit at a tighter gauge it might slow down the pilling, but knitting a thick yarn at a tight gauge can kill the hands and who wants a handknit that's stiff? Many of my FO's that are merino or a blend are pilly. All the yarns are different, superwash and non. Its just the nature of the beast.
Using a sweater shaver or a razor can make more pills. I know it sounds odd, but when the shaver's are pulling off the pill they are pulling out more tiny strands of fiber the will be start of a new pill. Use a pair of sharp scissors and carefully cut off the pills, taking extra care not to cut your knitting.
I've been thinking the same thing you have for the past month about pilling. Mostly because I've been thinking of knitting a sweater out of malabrigo, but am trying to talk myself out of it and just use it for accessories!

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