Monday, March 23, 2009


I finished Felicity a couple of weeks ago & forgot to post it! It was a simple knit & I really love this hat. Looks great on, especially from the front but I won't show you my unwashed, raccoon-eyed tired face today, don't want you all to loose your breakfast.

I have been working on the remainder of Ruby like a mad woman, I am past the second armhole & cruising along. It's my night time knitting because nothing gets done during the day.

Today I have electricians here, and this weekend they broke into the main part of the house & tore out the walls separating Sabrina & Jack's rooms. Lots of dust & lots of cleaning is shot of what used to be Sabrina's wall & Jack's Closet...all gone...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just call me Slacker!

I know, I have been terrible. It's bad when you feel guilty because you haven't kept up with all your cyber-friends blogs. Not commenting or ohhing & ahhing over their creative talents. My creativity hit a wall these past couple of weeks. But it is slowly coming back.

I have spent most of my online time picking out faucets, shower heads, body sprays, sconces, ceiling fans(I still have yet to find one I like), recessed lighting and a new bed. I sit down at night for what should be a few minutes of searching for the perfect sconce & 3 hours later I wonder where the time went. This experience has taught me one thing, I am not fit mentally to ever take on the task of building a home from the ground up, Matt & I would end up in divorce court, or living together in our beautiful new home, sleeping in separate rooms. Here is the progress so far.
On the creative front..................a big fat ZERO! Nothing to share, nothing to show. But as soon as I finish this post I am off to put the trim on those PJ pants that have been haunting me for 3 weeks. Now I see why so many bloggers skip the trim on these babies.

I did get home to see my mom 2 weekends ago & she gave me a stash of vintage material that was in her attic. Most of it is from the 70's ans 80's when she was in full on sewing mode!My favorite piece is that of Henrietta Hippo from a show that my sister & I used to watch(click her to see a YOUTUBE of the show & see if you can figure our who the mailman is!) called The New Zoo Revue. I can still hear the theme song in my head!