Monday, September 29, 2008

Mojo is SLO-jo....but coming back

My knitting MOJO is coming back slowly. I met up with Leslie on Thursday, which was SO MUCH FUN! Thanks, Leslie. We sat at KnitOne for a few hours & hung out on the couch chatting away. If she inspires you on the computer you should meet her in person, & she is F-U-N-N-Y, makes me chuckle quite a bit. She even helped me with RUBY!

It will be about 2 years ago when Leslie first left a comment on my blog, I of course went to her blog to reciprocate & there was an actual photo of Leslie on there, yes her face! I thought she looked very familiar to me so I e-mailed her a note after I left a really nice comment, of course. I asked her if she lived in the same town as I, reassured her I was not a stalker but told her she looked oddly familiar. So maybe our paths crossed somewhere at one point & as fate would have it I remembered her face. An even bigger fate was her face was on her blog! Maybe someday I will figure out where I first saw her................

Funny thing is I have no pictures to show you, though I took my camera, I mean how many photos do you really want to see of us two knitting & chatting. We were too busy being chatty, and for got about photos. We had some colorful people there & had a good time. So I think some Leslie MOJO rubbed off on me, though it didn't inspire me to knit, it inspired me to do this.I have a love/hate thing with my home. I love my neighborhood, I love the house but it is 43 years old and though it is in great condition occasionally things start to go. this I hate because they always seem to be BIG things. I have a slate floor in the entry way & downstairs bathroom. I am ripping it out, restoring it & trying to put it back together............*sigh*
I really love "original" things about homes, it is so rare to come by. Quality in homes is not what it was 40, 50, 60 years ago.

Hubby is not thrilled, he will have to grout. Abi has the same floor. Abi if you read this, please be prepared to rip parts of your floor out & ship me pieces in case I screw up...LOL

I will keep you all posted!

P.S. Wasn't Grey's great on Thursday!?!?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bob --- a.k.a Satan

I haven't blogged for a bit because my MOJO is NOJO. I had to rip out BOB, still stuck on Ruby & my Chevron gives me headaches, I have never had bad knitting MOJO, in 4 years, NEVER! I guess I was due. Even my picture taking is silenced by my lack of imaginantion. I feel like that Indian/Native American guy on the cliff looking over the polluted lands of our country, a single tear streams down my cheek as I think of the polluted mess in my brain.
On the brightside, I'm meeting up with Leslie tomorrow & I hope some of her MOJO & the MOJO inside KNiToNe rub off on me. Here's P.I.T.A(pain in the ass).
Bob is knit with Misson Falls Cotton 1824. It's very loose & stretchy, and being a loose knitter already it has given me problems, I ripped it out once already, lets hope it doesn't happen again.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Twist!

There is a new knitting magazine online it's called Twist Collective. You can find it here. Kate Gilbert, whose blog I love, is one of the masterminds behind it all. It's really cool. Check it out.

I have a question, it's not a knitting question, it's a blogging question. When people leave me a comment & it goes to my email, blogger puts a "phantom" e-mail address up for them. So I can't hit reply & comment on their comment, or even thank them for the comment. How do I fix this? I have searched in the HELP/FAQ's over & over but have had no luck, anyone?

I have no photos of knits today, for I really F*'d up a sweater that I was working on. It's called BOB which is short for
pain in my ass.

I will share that this past weekend Matt & I went to a very cool function called Steel City Big Pour. (tickets were sold out!) For $35 you walked around, ate food, drank lots of different micro brews & had a great time. Lots of artsy type were there with booths, making things. I got Matt to help join in on piecing together a stained-glass window, that they will hang at Construction Junction, where the festivities were held. We even saw chainsaw artists & glass blowing, which was all done with recycled glass that they poured right there on site!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cruises & Caps

I am so excited this morning I can barely contain myself. Over The ShizKnit a.k.a Tonya I discovered Knitting Cruises. I can hardly stand it! Is it too much of a fantasy for me to get some interested blogger friends together & go on the Mediterranean Cruise..........I'd also settle for Alaska which is a bit cheaper & isn't Alaska a great place to knit...all that chilly weather. OR we can do China with Lily Chin.....oh the possibilities are endless. Can we start a Ravelry group on this subject? Sept. 2009 we go? How awesome would that be!!!!

For all you crafty bitches out there that sell patterns, own shops, instruct, dye yarn (SCOUT!!) etc. etc. you can look into earning a free cruise here..........just cruise & teach! How awesome is that?

OK, I think my adrenaline rush is subsiding, I can talk about my latest project. Justin's football coach had a little baby boy the other day so I knitted this little hat (in school colors of course) up from Knitting For Peace. The Caps For Kids Swirled Ski Cap.
It took me 2 evenings, about 3 to 4 hours. It was an easy knit, I just wish it could have been knit in the round, a lot of loose ends to weave in.

Sometimes I wish my kids went to a different school or had different school colors, I live in a city where where ever professional sports team is black & gold, and so is there school. I get some black & gold overload sometimes. But I guess it makes for easy wardrobe selection to all sporting events and they are colors I look good in!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

School Spirit Chevron Scarf

I have been working on this Chevron for, um, about ............10 months. It's Justin & Sabrina's school colors, I plan on wearing it to all his football games for the next 5 years.
Though the Chevron Scarf is beautiful when finished it is quite frankly one of the most boring knits I have ever encountered. This may be the last one I ever make.(Until Justin plays football in college then I will have to whip one out then, too)
This pattern seems to go on for an eternity.

I finished another Chevron last year & should of went down a needle size(a #4 instead of a #5) It's gappy.....I occasionally look at it & debate on ripping it out & making socks. Someday.....

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Honeymoon over.......

Ruby & I have been going at it for a couple of weeks, staring at each other lovingly & so tightly wrapped up in our bliss that I failed to realize that 12 rows after the bind off of of the first armhole where it says "continue in pattern" that they meant the cable pattern. I thought they meant "knit the knit" "purl the purl"...DUH! "How long have I been knitting?" So that sweet cute little ball of yarn is what I have ripped from my Ruby. So I guess this where Debbie Bliss separates the woman from the girls & I need to step up to the plate. I have to figure out a few minor things but I shall continue on....LESLIE, HELP!!!! *we must meet soon*