Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I got some stuff done!

I have been busy being a mommy & doing lots of things, but I am pleased to announce that I did get two projects done that have been eating at me! First off, I got my black & gold chevron scarf done. My son just finished his 9th grade football season & I will be wearing this scarf to every game until he graduates. This is the only photo I have of it, though it is not a very artistic photo it sure is one of my favorites.

The sewing gods smiled on me once again, and let me finish the pajama pants that I have been trying to finish for 6 months. Actually my mom smiled on me, right before she passed away I got her 1980 Kenmore Sears sewing machine & it runs so smooth. So I got to finish those pants, finally! Here they are! Jack and I were rockin out to a little Guitar Hero...he loved it.
Next time I am using bed sheets & skipping the trim. This material was a linen mix & were a PAIN to sew, since I don't know how to sew linen. The puckered occasionally & I had to rip out seams a couple times and they are scratchy. So I don't recommend a linen blend for p.j. pants.
(Sabrina was the photog on these shots, and did pretty well, I think)

I went outside the other day to shoot some random things, I got this photo(untouched) & I wanted to share it because I really like it. Winter is on it's way, the leaves are mostly gone & a chill is in the air. 50 shopping days left!