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Happy Valentine's Day!

I wish I was mushy & gushy & lovey & husband does too, but I'm not.  I used to be but I'm jaded so it's not a big deal to me.  Though I do have 4 men in my life that are the best Valentine's I could ask for.  All 4 have stolen my heart a 1,000 times over & I am grateful that I will never have to spend February 14th alone.  I took 2 of those special men out today for a wonderful treat.  We hit up an Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor!!! 

Klavon's in The Strip District, Pittsburgh PA.  

 I'm a chocolate malt girl, though I would like to go back for a BIG sundae with my husband because I could never eat it all.
 "Penny Candy" counter.  Nothing costs a penny anymore but the candy was the kind of things you would get at the penny candy store.  I bought candy of my favorites!
 Old fashioned booths.......
 Jack looking out of the door into the city, he enjoyed watching all the trucks go by.

  I think the pictures say it a…

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