Jack's Hat

I knitted up this hat for Jack last week. It's called The Boyfriend Hat. Perfect, since he is my boyfriend & will never date...EVER! Let me have my dreams :-(
I used Cascade Wool 220 Heathers in color #2430 & this took about 3 hours to knit. Lovely!


Jack's hat is lovely, for sure!
What a cutie! Jack and the hat!

Have your dreams, Keana! I had this conversation with Jorn just the other day. Jorn used to say he wanted to live in our house (with us) forever. Now he said he wants to live here with his wife when he grows up. I asked him where mommy and daddy would live and he said, "Down the road." I asked, "What if mommy is really old and needs help?" He said, "That's ok. I'll help you pack." :-) It goes too fast!
oh! my! gosh!
i could just eat him. even wearing a warm fuzzy hat.
KnitPastis said…
Jack is sooooo darn cute in his hat! Only three hours! Gotta love that. I adore this color too.
Yarn It said…
He is soooo cute! That is a great hat.
Carrie K said…
Jack is so cute and in that hat??? Adorable.
amandacathleen said…
awwww! he is just the cutest! I love his eyelashes, and his hat too of course. : )
Aglaya said…
Awww my gosh, he's so cute! Don't ever let him start dating! He'll be a heartbreaker someday :)

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