Finished Objects & New Friends

I have to say that I am very pleased with my Illusions socks that I have knitted. The pattern is from Laura Patterson over at Fiber Dreams. She really has some great sock patterns. These should have been done a while ago *shame on me* but life gets in the way. Hubby is happy withthem & has officially decided that they would be his Pittsburgh Penguin Socks & he will wear them for ever game.

Though I have kind of made a decision in my life about socks. This pattern is beautiful but so hard to see with all the colors of the yarn. I have come to the conslusion that when I knit a sock I think I will stick with solid colors for a sock with such a pattern. It's just easier to see. I'll let the colored sock yarns do there own striping.

KimbeeBa Yarn Store
My post yesterday was just thrown together & I didn't get to share with you the highlight of my vacation........I found a yarn store! It's in Manteo just over a bridge, not far from where we were staying, maybe 10 minutes. It was called Kimeeba Fine Yarns. I took Jack with me for a little drive after I left the others off to go crabbing. *I would show you photos of that but they caught nothing* I bought some lovely yarns, which I will show you in the next post. Cybill, the owner, was such a nice woman & was helpful with Jack.Kimbeeba Yarn Store OBX (as you can see, he loved holding the yarn!)She held him while I shopped around. If you get down that way stop in. I made some new friends that invited me back for a "S&B" that night but sadly I couldn't make it due to other family plans. But I will definitely be back next year!


bizzy mommy said…
those are really great socks! i'm yet to try knitting socks , i have a fear! i heard that shop is great i'm planning to go there in 15 days and counting!!! i bet you got wonderful yarns there!
tiennie said…
He is so cute - and holding yarn too! Great socks for Matt!
bizzy mommy said…
check your flickr mail :0)
matt has lucky socks!!! yippee!!!

oh jack. i would hold you in a yarn store too. for hours. and let mommy shop, and shop! :)
Anonymous said…
Those socks are great for Matt! Will they be his "lucky" socks now?

Jack is soooo adorable and what a lucky find for a great yarn store.
Oh my God! Look how big he is! SO.CUTE. One day he'll have to meet my little Simonne ;-)
Oh my God! Look how big he is! SO.CUTE. One day he'll have to meet my little Simonne ;-)
Oh my God! Look how big he is! SO.CUTE. One day he'll have to meet my little Simonne ;-)
Um. I have no idea why Blogger just submitted my comment 3 times. Sorry :-(
Anonymous said…
what a big smile! He looks so sweet. Beautiful socks! I bet Matt is thrilled to death with them.

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