French Provence Smock

My great-grandmother, Victoria Burell (that's her in the middle), came over to America from France when she was a little girl.  Hoping for a better life.  When she was around 14 a man did some work to my great-great-grandparents home.  Instead of paying him in cash they gave him my great-grandmothers hand in marriage.  They had 9 children, one of them was my grandmother, she was miserable her whole life.  Married to a man 15 years older than her that she didn't love.  I'm sure she didn't expect that America would be like that.  On the flip side,  if it wasn't for a leaky roof, I guess I wouldn't be here.

In honor of her, here is my French Provence Smock.  I would love to tell you it took 3 hours & it was a piece of cake but it took me more like 3 days due to the little ones I have running around.  I would like to tell my great-grandmother that times have changed & we marry men we love & pay people not only in cash but on these plastic things called credit cards and that she shouldn't worry because I won't be trading Sabrina's hand in marriage to my window washer anytime soon.

The author of this book, A is for Apron, complains about using bias tape, she doesn't like it.  I loved it.  None of that cutting strips of material & pressing, folding, pressing, folding.  I ditched the pattern about a quarter of the way in & just wung it.  The way it was written was to much for me to read, I like my patterns simple. It worked out just fine.  I had a flaw here and there, but nothing noticeable.  My only complaint is that I am a bit busty & it makes me look really pregnant.  Which is not a pleasant thought to me seeing as how I had 2 babies in 18 months. (It looks lopsided in the photo because of the way I am standing & the wind was wicked)  I would make every apron in this book if I had the time.  But I think I am going to go give my husband a hug instead & be thankful my parents didn't give me away to the guy that delivered their mail.


Abi said…
it's perfect keana! i LOVE it and that story is so special! i love that picture!

you know my mom had to fix a fence when i was about 17 and my grandmother and aunt came over. i was really suspicious but it turned out they were trying to arrange a marriage with the guy installing the fence! (we are Armenian and this is very rarely but still done) obviously it didn't work out, which is kind of a shame because i find myself in desperate need of a fence right now ;)
KeanaLee said…
That's crazy! You could of had a REALLY nice fence!
Jane said…
LOVE THIS Keana! So cute! the fabic is adorable. You also crack me up! Enjoy your week with your children!
keana! i LOVE this story!
aww. i feel so badly for your great grandmother.... and so happy that YOU are here!

that apron is awesome... i would feel totally cool feeding the kids in that! :)

xxoo (miss you)
Traceyleezle said…
Hee, hee, when I got that book at the library I actually emailed the pattern designer and bought her original version of the pattern. Much better then the way the book had it all laid out. She also said she designed it to be a maternity apron, but they never mentioned it in the book. It's my favorite apron!
snufkin said…
Hi I love your apron! I have the same book and I too would make every apron in it! They are so fun to make :D Happy sewing!

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