Clapotis...almost there.

I have been busy, to say the least.  My daughter is a dancer & competition season is in full swing, I have been busy with at my sewing machine this week but won't bore you with the embellishments of a dancers costume.  I would rather be making aprons & sweater quilts, but those items elude me for yet another week or so.  Though my beautiful 13 year-old daughter, that's her with a feather in her hair, informed me that this would be her last year trick-or-treating and she would like to go out with a BANG! She wants me to make the Satine Costume!  YIKES!  To be cont....

Though I did get to take off for a few days by myself with some girly friends on a little ski trip & had so much fun.  I took lots of things to knit but did way more gabbing, wine-drinking, Olympic viewing & board game playing than anything else.  It snowed a ton while we were up there, I spent an afternoon at the spa getting a hot stone facial & massage.....H-E-A-V-E-N for a woman that has had 2 babies in less than 2 years!  I wanted to pack Jessica the Masseuse into my bag & take her home!  I even got to teach one of the ladies(baseball hat) to knit, I hope it she sticks with it!  I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I worked on Clapotis a little while I was gone & have started the decrease rows, I enjoy this pattern & intend to make more in the future, just not the near future.  After this baby is done, I have some small things to knit, including a scarf, baby legwarmers, Toast & socks!

I met up at KnitOne with my good friend Leslie TWICE in one week!  What a treat!  The first time we met we got together with another Leslie that found my Leslie on her blog.  The second week we met with Heather & Barb, that meet-up has been a very long time in the planning since we live so far from them.  It happened & it wasn't long enough for any of us!  You can see photos here & here & here.  My D90 is at the hospital & I hope to get it back soon. Oh my, how can I forget, I mean this is a knitting blog, after all....Leslie made this for my Cole, or as we call him Cokey. Thanks Leslie! 

In the meantime....check these out, how cute are they!  I want one! or TWO!


Abi said…
you know i want to knit with you guys too! someday!

i love everything about this post. say 'hi' to terrance and jack' too ;) i am sure we'll be digging ours out soon!
Nicole said…
such a happy and busy post! 4 kiddos keep you movin' huh?

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