I can't bake! But I try...

I'm a gadget gal, new phone out...sure I'll buy it, Wii?...yeah, I'll search all over like a mad woman wanting one, Xbox? we got one of those too.  Zune, IPod...whatever, I'm game!  So when I saw the Kindles come out, then the Nooks, then the Sony Readers, I knew I had to have one.  After some investigation, I snatched up a Sony Reader!  Knitting books, cookbooks, novels, The New York Post, anything I want & I don't' have to leave the house.  So if I read a review about a new novel I would love to crack open...no schlepping the kids to Border's to buy it, I just sit at my computer and click-click-click.  Now, trust me, I still take the little rugrats to Border's & buy them their books but if you ever spy a lady walking around looking at bookshelves & talking into her Droid (yep, had to get that too!) that's just me working the voice recorder on my phone.  I record the titles of the books I want on my phone, go home & click-click-click!  It's in my Reader!  I love this thing.

So when Heather told me about a blog called Pioneer Woman, I had to check it out.  Great recipes!  Great food! So much to read! Then,  I saw she had a cookbook & click-click-click, it was on my Reader.  So while I was out today with the hubby I was in the car skimming my new cookbook & decided to make the sheet cake, easy..... right?  I dove right in like a crazy woman, all the while forgetting that I CAN'T BAKE!  I've said it before & it's not a lie. I'm so bad at baking that one time I thought the corn starch sat so long on my shelf that it became baking soda, I'm not lying.  After mentioning it to my husband we figured out that the kids tried to make play-dough, dumped the corn starch & baking soda out into bowls, then when they put them back, they put it in the wrong boxes! 

So after pouring the cake into the jellyroll pan & popping it into my crappy-ass electric oven I realized I forgot one really important ingredient, the baking soda.  It's essential.  So I pull the cake out of the oven, sprinkle 1 teaspoon of baking soda on the batter& try to whisk it in there as smooth as possible. Back into the oven it went, while I made the icing, which turned out perfect, so perfect in fact you could eat it off the spoon! I did!  The cake came out poofy all over but flatter in the corners....when we cut into it it was all fluffy & perky on top but dense and heavy on the bottom where the baking soda didn't go.  Oh well, it still tasted great...live & learn!  Make this, today!  It's so good, so easy! Just don't forget your baking soda.


Nicole said…
Yea, for the Pioneer Woman! I love her recipes! And yeah, probably a good idea not to leave ingredients out :) At least not when baking! ;)
Gadgets are fun too!

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