Clapotis & Cancer

I finished Clapotis!  It was such a great knit, really it is, people would see me knitting this & were amazed at the outcome.  The dropped stitch & all.  But it's so easy, and much more easy the second time around.
  It was knit for a friend who lost her mother this past summer to pancreatic cancer.  My mom died exactly 14 days later.  So as I knit this I thought about the women who have gone before us, my mother & my friend's mother.  I thought about all that they would miss out on &about the time we were lucky enough to have with them. I'm selfish & would of liked more time.  My mom was only 74, her mother, my grandmother,  lived to be 94 years old.  I feel a little cheated.   Sometimes I would just be sad while knitting this.  Other times I would have a smile on my face as I reflected in my mind the life I shared with my mother. 

I hope my friend loves this Clapotis as much as I loved to knit it.  I hope it brings her comfort on the bad days & warmth on the cold snowy days.

Know the signs, of Pancreatic
 and Ovarian cancers.  Stay with us a lot longer than cancer would let you.  Be informed & be protected. 


Nicole said…
Thinking of you and your Mom! And all the other 'Moms' who have gone before us! What a beautiful knit and what a lucky friend to recieve such a gorgeous gift!
SO beautiful.
she is going to LOVE it... and the friendship and bond you two share.
Marisol said…
Keana, I am soo sorry for your loss my friend. How wonderful of you to knit this for your dear friend. I am sure she will treasure it always. Your Clapotis came out beautiful.

Take good care of yourself.
Jane said…
Great job! I've never made one of these and always say I'm going to. Love the color!
Marisol said…
Hi Keana,

Getting back to you on you inquiry about the inside of the bag. I am too lazy to go take a picture but found some good ones for you on flickr here:

Its just one big open compartment. They have inserts that you can buy and they stack on top of each other.

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