New Twist!

There is a new knitting magazine online it's called Twist Collective. You can find it here. Kate Gilbert, whose blog I love, is one of the masterminds behind it all. It's really cool. Check it out.

I have a question, it's not a knitting question, it's a blogging question. When people leave me a comment & it goes to my email, blogger puts a "phantom" e-mail address up for them. So I can't hit reply & comment on their comment, or even thank them for the comment. How do I fix this? I have searched in the HELP/FAQ's over & over but have had no luck, anyone?

I have no photos of knits today, for I really F*'d up a sweater that I was working on. It's called BOB which is short for
pain in my ass.

I will share that this past weekend Matt & I went to a very cool function called Steel City Big Pour. (tickets were sold out!) For $35 you walked around, ate food, drank lots of different micro brews & had a great time. Lots of artsy type were there with booths, making things. I got Matt to help join in on piecing together a stained-glass window, that they will hang at Construction Junction, where the festivities were held. We even saw chainsaw artists & glass blowing, which was all done with recycled glass that they poured right there on site!


Karen said…
Hi!! Here's the deal on the comments . . . if the person leaving the comment has checked the "Show my e-mail address" box in their profile, their comment will come to you with their e-mail filled in (like mine does). If they have not checked that box, their comment will come through with the no-reply@blogger address. The only way you can e-mail them back is if you know their e-mail address already - then you can hit Reply, take out the fake address and fill in their real address. It's a pain in the butt - I keep hoping Blogger will re-do their comments to require e-mail addresses like Typepad and WordPress do. :)
Anonymous said…
Like Ravelry & Knitty aren't enough - doesn't the Twist Collective have great patterns though? The enticement.

Hmm. Is that what does the email address thing? I just know that I usually have a choice of leaving my current blog address or my email address and my old blog. In other words: I dunno. ;0
KeanaLee said…
thanks Karen, for once it's not me, whew!
Anonymous said…
hope everything works out with your sweater! I'm sorry I have no idea about blogger, but I hear that wordpress is grand ; ) (and you can import all your post from blogger to wordpress.)
Now, that looks like a fun place to be! Love that stain glass window project.
The twist collective has so many great patterns and articles in it too! The little birds sweater is cute, but the style isn't quite me. Maybe a vest though.... : )
yep. karen has it right.
i think my address comes across? yes?
i wish people all knew to hit that box. because most of the time there is no way for my to respond back.
love twist. love it.
next week?
Lara said…
I have no idea how to fix the blogger problem but I know lots of people have complained of this.

The thing you went to sounds like a lot of fun!
Nicole said…
i have several "bob's" ! LOL the magazine is cool! sounds and looks like you had fun! maybe i'll check it out next year.
KnitPastis said…
Looks like a great weekend!

I updated my blogger email address. Glad you asked that question which has been bugging me too. Hopefully it is fixed now:)
Robin said…
Keana, I LOVE Twist Collective too. I bought six patterns - Wisteria is next on my list!! No help on the Blogger thing, except to say that I hate Blogger. Looks like some others have given you some help on that part of your question though, and I know you have my email address already.

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