Cruises & Caps

I am so excited this morning I can barely contain myself. Over The ShizKnit a.k.a Tonya I discovered Knitting Cruises. I can hardly stand it! Is it too much of a fantasy for me to get some interested blogger friends together & go on the Mediterranean Cruise..........I'd also settle for Alaska which is a bit cheaper & isn't Alaska a great place to knit...all that chilly weather. OR we can do China with Lily Chin.....oh the possibilities are endless. Can we start a Ravelry group on this subject? Sept. 2009 we go? How awesome would that be!!!!

For all you crafty bitches out there that sell patterns, own shops, instruct, dye yarn (SCOUT!!) etc. etc. you can look into earning a free cruise here..........just cruise & teach! How awesome is that?

OK, I think my adrenaline rush is subsiding, I can talk about my latest project. Justin's football coach had a little baby boy the other day so I knitted this little hat (in school colors of course) up from Knitting For Peace. The Caps For Kids Swirled Ski Cap.
It took me 2 evenings, about 3 to 4 hours. It was an easy knit, I just wish it could have been knit in the round, a lot of loose ends to weave in.

Sometimes I wish my kids went to a different school or had different school colors, I live in a city where where ever professional sports team is black & gold, and so is there school. I get some black & gold overload sometimes. But I guess it makes for easy wardrobe selection to all sporting events and they are colors I look good in!


Anonymous said…
I was wondering if you were getting black and gold overloaded. That hat is so cool though! Gold and Black just work together so well.

I think a knitting cruise would be cool as well. Have you ever heard of Sea Socks? They do knitting cruises every year also.
Anonymous said…
awwww, that is one adorable little hat! I love the swirly!
Our school colors are black and red. Thankfully the elementary school's colors are the same as the middle school and the high school.
Anonymous said…
That hat is great! I miss our old black and gold license plates but I can see where you might burn out a bit.

Wouldn't a knitter's cruise to Alaska be fabulous?
Robin said…
I saw the same cruises and thought the same thing!! I am SO IN. Want me to start the Ravelry group?
my mom and i have ALWAYS wanted to go on a knitting cruise!!!!!!

love that hat.
Lara said…
Oh, I would love to do a knitting cruise! Let me know if you definitely plan on it and I can see if I can work it in my budget!

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