When mother nature sends you snow, make SNOW ICE CREAM!

Things can get pretty cold in the Northeastern parts of the United States, at least once a winter we get hit by a pretty big snow storm & the world comes to an end.  Everyone over 50 starts running for the store to grab their bread & milk.  Me?  I just grab the milk.  Because when the snow hits & the kiddos get cabin fever this is one of the BEST things to do.

Google "snow ice cream" & you will come up with hundreds of different ways to make it.  They are all tasty & they will all work.  Just make sure you have all your ingredients, toppings & utensils ready to go because this melts pretty quick.

 HOW TO MAKE:  Take a HUGE bowl of clean snow, about 16 cups.  Stir in 1 cup of milk & 1 cup of  half-n-half. (you can use 2 cups of milk if you wish)  Add 1 tsp. of vanilla extract & a half cup of sugar.
Most recipes call for a whole cup of sugar but I find that half cup of sugar works just fine & my toddlers really DO NOT need that extra sugar high :-)

Let the lil' ones go at it, stir! stir! stir!  Let them get messy!
You can clean them & the table off later.  Take some time to enjoy their excitement in stirring up some snow & milk, it's the little things that make memories.  If you are standing their with a rag in your hand trying to wipe up every drop that falls out of the bowl you need to go get therapy for OCD, just sayin'

We used some leftover sprinkles from Christmas cookies, Starbucks carmel topping & chocolate syrup.  Jack preferred to just use the sprinkles, he is a one-topping kinda man.
Now get outside, grab your spoons & have your family make a really cool treat after dinner tonight!


Nicole said…
i love the last picture! so cute! i think my kids would love this... we may have to try it out :)

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