Mojo is SLO-jo....but coming back

My knitting MOJO is coming back slowly. I met up with Leslie on Thursday, which was SO MUCH FUN! Thanks, Leslie. We sat at KnitOne for a few hours & hung out on the couch chatting away. If she inspires you on the computer you should meet her in person, & she is F-U-N-N-Y, makes me chuckle quite a bit. She even helped me with RUBY!

It will be about 2 years ago when Leslie first left a comment on my blog, I of course went to her blog to reciprocate & there was an actual photo of Leslie on there, yes her face! I thought she looked very familiar to me so I e-mailed her a note after I left a really nice comment, of course. I asked her if she lived in the same town as I, reassured her I was not a stalker but told her she looked oddly familiar. So maybe our paths crossed somewhere at one point & as fate would have it I remembered her face. An even bigger fate was her face was on her blog! Maybe someday I will figure out where I first saw her................

Funny thing is I have no pictures to show you, though I took my camera, I mean how many photos do you really want to see of us two knitting & chatting. We were too busy being chatty, and for got about photos. We had some colorful people there & had a good time. So I think some Leslie MOJO rubbed off on me, though it didn't inspire me to knit, it inspired me to do this.I have a love/hate thing with my home. I love my neighborhood, I love the house but it is 43 years old and though it is in great condition occasionally things start to go. this I hate because they always seem to be BIG things. I have a slate floor in the entry way & downstairs bathroom. I am ripping it out, restoring it & trying to put it back together............*sigh*
I really love "original" things about homes, it is so rare to come by. Quality in homes is not what it was 40, 50, 60 years ago.

Hubby is not thrilled, he will have to grout. Abi has the same floor. Abi if you read this, please be prepared to rip parts of your floor out & ship me pieces in case I screw up...LOL

I will keep you all posted!

P.S. Wasn't Grey's great on Thursday!?!?!?!?!?!


ahhhh! i have so much fun with you, keana.
i really wish that we could do it every week!!!

I am so inspired by you! and this floor! oh my! it will go great, i just know it.
want me to come hold jack? :)
Anonymous said…
Glad you had a great time together! I wish I could join you two. Your floor is going to be gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
Would you believe I actually have a box of extras in the garage! Just let me know ;-)
KeanaLee said…
yes, please, everyone come hold him for me!
Anonymous said…
I'm sure she'd be delighted to ship you pieces of slate but you won't mess it up.

Good thing that your mojo is coming back, even slow jo!

And heck yes, Gray's was fab Thursday night. Thank HEAVEN I wasn't in Yosemite without a TV Thurs. Kevin McKidd was sooooo hot.
Nicole said…
your floor looks like it's gonna be great! can't wait to see your ruby! i bet it's gorgeous.i would love to meet up w/ you all sometime!

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