Bob --- a.k.a Satan

I haven't blogged for a bit because my MOJO is NOJO. I had to rip out BOB, still stuck on Ruby & my Chevron gives me headaches, I have never had bad knitting MOJO, in 4 years, NEVER! I guess I was due. Even my picture taking is silenced by my lack of imaginantion. I feel like that Indian/Native American guy on the cliff looking over the polluted lands of our country, a single tear streams down my cheek as I think of the polluted mess in my brain.
On the brightside, I'm meeting up with Leslie tomorrow & I hope some of her MOJO & the MOJO inside KNiToNe rub off on me. Here's P.I.T.A(pain in the ass).
Bob is knit with Misson Falls Cotton 1824. It's very loose & stretchy, and being a loose knitter already it has given me problems, I ripped it out once already, lets hope it doesn't happen again.


What a great pattern. I hope it works out better this time. I hate when I am so excited about something and then it sort of turns out not how I expected and makes me not want to knit for a while. It's like I'm so baffled or upset or whatever about the way it is going that I just can't seem to want to do anything else knitting wise.
Anonymous said…
Knit something fast and easy sister! You need a quickie!

Oh, I wish I could meet you and Leslie! Have a great time.
Nicole said…
oh no ! bob looks so cute you must must finish him! jack will be so adorable in him! i'm sending good knitting juju your way!
hope you and bob had a wonderful weekend. XO
KnitPastis said…
Oh no, so sorry to hear you are having trouble again with another knitted item dear. Hope it all works out soon. Cute pattern!

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