Confessions of a Disgruntled Housewife

I am disgruntled, I want spring to be here and for my house to have open windows & fresh air. I want my Lilac bush to blossom and smell heavenly. I want to play outside with my son and feel the sun on my face. I want to grill food on my deck and sit outside on the front porch to have my morning tea. I want to wear my Hunter "wellies" in the spring rains. I want birds chirping & see flowers blooming. Is that so much to ask? Well I asked, and it's not really happening. So to combat my spring blues, I made a spring apron......I am on a bit of a sewing kick, learning something new can be so invigorating!

I found this pattern in Amy Butlers book...In Stitches. I think I did really good for my second project. Right now I am tackling the Amy Butler Wide Leg PJ pants. Stay tuned....

Some of my friends have already heard & seen some photos. This past week we started a 5th bedroom onto the house, while searching for the drainage to our new bathroom we found this. A secret room underneath our garage. Nothing was holding up my cars except for about six of these beautiful 2x4's & a steel beam that had rotted away & fell down, it was a disaster waiting to happen. I'm just glad we found it. So before we can add the bedroom we have to fix this problem. The bonus is that this dirty, gross room will now be a "theater room" in our basement. We are going to have to bust through a wall in our already finished basement but I am all about utilizing space.
This one is for Abi....these are some vintage plates that were my Grandmother's. They hung in her house as long as I can remember. All they are is pieces of material that were cut out & seem to have been dipped in glue then pasted onto the plate to make a Victoian man & woman. The glue has browned over the years & the black painted outline of the plates is not in great shape, but I keep them in my kitchen & think of Grammie everytime I look at them. She passed away in 2005 at 94 years young.


HA! you look SO adorable in that picture, i can hardly stand it! i LOVE your apron!!!!!

and wow. i didn't realize that space was below the garage where you PARKED your CAR!!!!!!!!!!! great that you will be able to use that space!!!

can't wait to see you in your jammies. :)
Anonymous said…
Your CARS!!! Eeekkk. Thank the heavens you found this. Incredible. And strange too.

Thanks for posting the plates :) They are great! I was really looking forward to this.

I also can't wait to see your wide leg pants. A lot of people use vintage (ahem) sheets to make theirs and I just found the coolest ones I have set aside with that very project in mind only I don't get along so well with my sewing machine and I don't have the book. So maybe yours will motivate my pregnant fanny into gear!

P.S. I agree with Leslie you are super cute ;)
Lara said…
You look so fantastic in that picture! Love it! Ok....I NEED TO LEARN TO SEW. Maybe I should pick up that book.

That is amazing that those "sticks" were holding up your cars! yikes. Making use of it will be great though.
Anonymous said…
Love that picture of you! Your hair is fabulous! Your apron is really cute too.
I can't wait for Spring to get here either. I miss the sun!
Holy crap, it was just those puny lil sticks holding up your cars? Very scary, good thing you guys found it! A home theater sounds very cool.
Anonymous said…
Love that pic of you! Great apron!

How awesome to get a 5th bedroom and a theatre room now. :)
Traceyleezle said…
Oh wow you are adorable. Love the apron!

Jiminy Crickets! So glad you found out about the room, that's really kinda scary.
Sarah said…
I love the apron. I totally agree with you - Hurry up Spring!!

I keep meaning to try one of the Amy Butler books. I'm very tempted buy the new baby one.
Lisa said…
Thank goodness you didn't loose a car, but gained a theater instead!

Your apron is adorable and Spring will be here - it's just holding out a bit longer.
Marisol said…
What an adorable picture of you! Yoiu must get it framed:) Love the Apron too:) Hurray for new found hobbies:)
Sandy said…
Oh, this is priceless. You look fabulous for being in a rut. :)
I love the apron, I just amde one too. Trying to combat the February blahs with some colour!
Erin said…
I have been sewing for 3 months now and I am a total addict. I LOVE it!

Oh, and I love the picture--totally hilarious.
Jane said…
Love your apron! No wonder you are disgruntled...with a new space going in your house I would be just a wee bit stressed too! Can't wait to see your new pj's!

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