Charmed....I'm sure

This lovely neck warmer started out as Felicity, I got to the decreases & realized I was going to need another skein. After a frantic, 20 minute search online, I came to the realization that I was not going to find my colorway, the yarn, Charmed, has been discontinued & everyone was pretty much sold out. So I went to Ebay & bought 2 skeins, that match, in a Raspberry color. So I will cast Felicity on again this week!

*House update....this neck warmer is hiding my cold sores, 3 in all! I look like a leper & it is because of this house. So much going on & getting to my washer to do the laundry is a challenge since I have a large pile of dirt in front of it....God help me. They start ripping the roof off this weekend.


Anonymous said…
Oh, hang in there. Home renovations are so stressful to begin with not to mention when you are pregnant and you want/need everything in it's place.
you look SO cute.
and yes. hang in there! :)
Anonymous said…
This is very cute. You have beautiful beautiful eyes!

Good luck with the home reno.
Sarah said…
I think that it makes a lovely neck warmer. Maybe it was a lucky accident that you ran out of yarn. I hope your feel a bit better soon.
Anonymous said…
you srsly look adorable!

best of luck with the home improvement. I feel your pain. You'll love it all when your done : )
Sandy said…
love the raspberry colour!
and your eyes are beautiful!
hang in there on the house front- i hope it will be over soon.

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