Christmas Kntting

Don't mind me, I'm still here, knitting away. I just find it so difficult to post pictures of Christmas knitting for fear the recipients will see their gifts. So I try to be coy.
I found it difficult to decrease a cabled hat, though I followed the instructions, it wasn't working out. So a little frogging was in order..........I'll try again tonight with a fresh mind but can't help but to think there is something missing from this pattern.
I was in downtown Pittsburgh yesterday, stopped at the Starbucks in the Westin William Penn & knit a few rows. What have you all been knitting for Christmas?


Anonymous said…
great photo! I love the vividness of it. (English wasn't my best subject in school, its only gotten worse over the years!)
Christmas knitting? I plan on making a craptastic amount of fingerless mitts, a few hats, one scarf, a few photo holders and hopefully blogging about it too!
Erin said…
A cardigan for my nephew. I am loving knitting it but also am sad I can't share just yet. It is going to be SO cute! (I hope.)
Jane said…
This is a Starbucks?? Wow! I've started my Christmas knitting with socks for my brother! Almost done with the first one!
Anonymous said…
You mean, what am I supposed to be knitting for Christmas. Which I should probably start as it involves a cabled scarf and an intarsia sweater.

But all I'm really thinking is "Hey! Starbucks has eggnog lattes now....."
just imagine what you will do with a d90.
cool pic.
Nicole said…
i'm attempting christmas knitting too! notice i said attempting?!? this is such a cool shot!

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