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I feel it. Santa is coming, and the chaos will start. It is chaos that I love & welcome every year around this time. I look forward to the crazy things of Christmas, some of them are:

~~wrapping gifts
~~decorating the house
~~Black Friday shopping
~~my baby's first Christmas
~~crowded grocery shopping
~~my daughter's shortbread cookies
~~Salvation Army guys outside the Giant Eagle
~~my carved Santa, which is from the trunk of our tree from last year
~~my Christmas Morning Casserole (made every Christmas since my daughter was 3)
~~A Christmas Story all day long, everyday, for about a week. I drive my family crazy!
~~crunch time for knitted gifts(one is in that house in my photo, I will show it after the holidays)
~~our light display that I make my husband do every year & the pride in his face when it's done
~~Christmas Eve, late at night my husband & I getting ready for the morning with a roaring fire
& a sparkling tree

~~and snow


i think you must like this time more than me.
i LOVE thanksgiving.
and babies first Christmas's. yes, i love those, too.
Anonymous said…
I'm so not ready for all the Christmas stuff! I do like the holiday but there's so much to do!
Lara said…
I love all those things too! Christmas is my favorite time of year. You have a lot to look forward to with the baby. The first Christmas is always so much fun.
Sandy said…
That's a great list. And I am very curious about what's in your Christmas casserole.
Erin said…
I love your list--I am SO excited for the holidays!

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