Happy Birthday Justin

Justin's Shelf
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I have a shelf in my house that has been a constant for the past 5 years. It holds memories of a life gone by & a life celebrated. Today would have been the 40th birthday of my older children's father.

This shelf will always remain, as his memory does. The pictures & tokens on the shelf sometimes change but they are all things that have a memory, a vase of ceramic flowers he gave my daughter, a cat she painted for him, dried flowers from a school art project that he kept on his mantle & photos of him.

Everyday he is in my thoughts & I am sure the thoughts of my kids. I wonder what would he look like now? Would he have remarried? Has more siblings for our kids to play with? Where would he be? Would he be happy for me? Would he have shared a laugh with my new baby? OR perhaps a beer with my husband? My questions will always go unanswered & we will always have a special birthday wish for him every year on August 18.

Happy Birthday Justin! We miss you.


Anonymous said…
This is so lovely that you do this for him and for your children and for you. Makes me cry! He was so very young. Happy birthday Justin.
Nicole said…
Happy Birthday Justin! Very moving . How loving and brave of you , I'm sure your children will cherish this always!
ahhh. really really sweet, keana.
happy birthday, justin.
Lara said…
That brought tears to my eyes. I think it is wonderful that you keep his memory alive for your children - and even for yourself. I can't begin to imagine what that loss must feel like for all of you. Happy Birthday to Justin.
Anonymous said…
You've left me practically speechless. That is absolutely wonderful to have a place of memory for him.
Anonymous said…
Very moving, and what a beautiful tribute. happy birthday justin.
Anonymous said…
this is very thoughtful. you really are an awesome mom and person. I miss all of you guys!
Aunt Melissa

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