Vacation Hangover

I am suffering from a severe case of vacation hangover. We got back last Saturday but the list of things I have to do seems to be just getting longer & longer. So let me cut to the chase.
Vacation was good but......Jack ended up in the hospital on Monday night with a 103 degree fever. After 3 hours there we found that he had a virus, which included a lovely ear infection & blisters covering his tonsils. Here he is with Dad on the hospital bed.

Vacation was good.....I got some knitting done since the baby slept a bit. I got about 4 inches into the leg of a new sock when I realized I had to rip 3 inches out becasue I made a big BOO-BOO.
Though I did get to finish my Illusions socks for my husband & as soon as I can nail him down for a photo shoot, I will post you some photos. I also finished the Alligator Scarf, which was a bit smaller than I thought it was going to be so I might just put it aside for Jack when he gets a little older. Though I am not sure Purple is his color.

I got to stop by my favorite Farmer's Market on the way into Outebanks. We picked out some lovely fruit that became a glorious fruit salad for all to share.

Here are some really nice ones of the family that I'd love to share with all of you.


Nicole said…
hope your little guy is feeling better soon! vacation hangovers are a HUGE bummer! i think i know that farmer's market and i'll be there in 2 weeks. your photos of your family are gorgeous. looks like you had a nice time other than your boo-boo , those stink too!
keana.....i love those photos......especially that last one of jack. but it looks like you already have a Christmas card photo of the whole family. that is a gorgeous photo.

i think i have summer hangover. i never seem to get out from under the rug!

Anonymous said…
I hope he's doing better!

You have a seriously beautiful family!
Anonymous said…
Did you forget to tell Jack that he's not allowed to go to the hospital while on vacation? For that matter, kids should never be in the hospital.

Those are fantastic photos of your family. Adorable!
Anonymous said…
aw, I hope little Jack is feeling better. What a bummer.
Your beach pictures are beautiful! Looks like ya'll had a lovely time
Lara said…
Those are beautiful photos of your family! I hope Jack is doing better - poor guy.

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