First Day of School 2008-09

Justin & Sabrina start their first day of school. the last time in their lives they will share a bus or a building, They grow up so fast...........glad I have this one waiting in the wings, he already is waiting for their return, I think he may sit by the door all day long.


Lara said…
So sweet! I love the pic of Jack by the door. Last year was the first and only year Camille would ever go to school with Sophie. Kind of sad, but that is the way it goes. It is somewhat of a comfort having all your children together in one school.
Anonymous said…
What a sweat picture of Jack waiting for them! I'm so glad school is starting again!
you really are lucky to have jack at home.
and he is so stinkin cute i can hardly stand it!
KnitPastis said…
Sweet photo of your two grown babes. They have grown so tall!
Anonymous said…
Time flies and kids grow up too fast! How cute of Jack.

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