Blanket of Comfort

As many of you know my mother has been fighting Ovarian Cancer for the past year and 5 months. Sadly things are not getting better & it seems that fighting the good fight sometimes just isn't enough. I have been trying to get home as much as possible to see her & spend time with her. I took the kids to Altoona this past week for 5 days & let her spend time with everyone, especially the new baby.

Weighing in at 84 pounds she gets cold easily, even in the summertime, so I am on a mission to finish a beautiful blanket for her that was first introuduced to me by Leslie.

I have 2 and half panels finished up & it's such a quick & easy knit that I hope to have it done this week. You can find the pattern ont the Lion Brand Website. I searched the web ferociously for the best price on yarn. I found that going to & linking to Joann Fabrics from there got me free S&H. The yarn on site was even cheaper than it was in the store!

This blanket would make a great Christmas gift, but for me it has become a mission to give my mom some warmth & comfort.


Robin said…
Sorry to hear that your mom hasn't been doing better. I've added your new blog address to Bloglines for updates. Hugs!
Marisol said…
Gosh I am sorry to hear that your Mom is not in good health.
The color you have chosen for her blanket is simply gorgeous! I am sure she will be very happy to receive it. Particulary all the love that went into each knitted stitch.
Traceyleezle said…
What a wonderful mission it is. Your blanket looks so cuddly. I will keep your mom and your family in my prayers.
so sorry about your mom, keana.
the blanket will not only bring your mother warmth, but also cheer. the color is soooo great!
Lara said…
I am really sorry your mom is not doing very well. I can't begin to imagine how hard that must be for you. I think it is great that you are making efforts to take the kids to see her. Those are going to be great memories for all for all of you. I have no doubt that your mom will love the blanket.
Miss Scarlett said…
I am so sorry to hear your Mom is not doing well.
Sending you a big hug!!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful knit for your mom. I'm so sorry to hear that she's not doing well, but I bet this will wrap her in warmth and love.
Anonymous said…
hope that blanket keeps her toasty warm : )

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