My name is Keana, and I'm a dumpster diver.

Yes, it's true when garbage day rolls around, especially in the Springtime I find myself excited about the prospect of finding my neighbors "spring cleaning' cast-offs on there lawn. I take a walk with the baby through the neighborhood, looking for goodies that might become part of our home. I recently came across what looked like an old school house chair. I immediately went back home grabbed the car, and threw it in. After I debated on stripping off the paint, I decided against that, I had my ever-so-helpful-hubby drill a small hole into the seat which allowed him to get the jigsaw blade down in there to cut an almost perfect round hole. Then with a little lettering & some really good polyurethane I had a new home for my Rosemary bush on my deck. I'd like to add on some more decorative vines & lettering when I get more time, that may happen in about 6 years when Jack is in school all day!


i LOVE repurposing! and this is one of the best ideas EVER! nice find!
Anonymous said…
That's so clever! It looks great.

I love the mug you got in your Kitchen swap!

And oh. You and your Mom. {hugs}That blanket for her is beautiful. It's a perfect Anytime Christmas gift.
Anonymous said…
That is a cute idea!
Anonymous said…
So clever! What a great idea!
Anonymous said…
This really is a great idea!
Anonymous said…
What a great dumpster find! Well done! I love to see such great creativity!
~Emily in Norway

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