A New Year.

It's a New Year & has been for exactly 20 days, I have taken such a long break from constant blogging I feel like a newbie all over again. Having 2 babies in 2 years relly keeps you busy, but I feel like things are getting better, we seem to be getting a routine & I am finding time to do the things that I love again.

I always thought of this is as a knitting blog, and since I have not been knitting, I have not been blogging. But alas I realize it's my life blog, knitting just happens to sometimes take center stage. With that said I am going to try to be better on here & not feel funny about posting, "oh look! I baked a pie today!" After all this is my blog & it's for me. I just like to share with all of you!

To start the new year I am knitting Clapotis....I know, I know she is so 2004, but really a classic that never goes out of style. I bought some Aslantrends Bariloche at KnitOne last week, and can't wait to get this one done, I think it is going to be beautiful!

Tomorrow my oldest baby boy turns 15! Where does the time go....Happy Birthday Justin! Here is 15 years ago, wearing antlers for my amusement....


you are SO right! it is your life blog.... i love to read WHATEVER my friend keana is doing! hey... baking a pie rates WAY up there in my world.

happy birthday to your BIG guy!!!!!!
KnitPastis said…
That's a great knit to start back with! Happy birthday to you son!

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