I had a crush on Jacques Costeau

It's true, when I was a little girl I used to watch Jacques Costeau on TV & dream of being on his boat, sailing the seas with him & exploring the world.  I was glued to the television watching the Costeau Odyssey Series over & over.  When I was in 9th grade we wrote a paper on what we wanted to be when we grew up, I was going to be an oceanographer!  Dreams are a part of life, little did I know that I was claustrophobic, afraid of the dark & scared of sharks.  (this fear was only amplified & confirmed when I had a panic attack while watching a Titanic Documentary)  Good thing I never took out a loan to go to college with this ambition, I would of got a swift kick to the heart the minute I went underwater.  I did the next best thing, The Jacques Cousteau Hat!

It is for one of my daughter's dance teachers.  His name, oddly enough is Jack....or Jacques...
It is an easy pattern, though I hated my yarn for it, I used Mirasol Yarn, Tupa.  The yarn is very nice but  I just wish I would of used something a little less bulky, it took about 1 1/2 skeins.   I CO for the men's size & feel it will be too big, should of CO the woman's for this particular yarn.   I'm proud of my project & would like to think that somewhere in an alternate universe I am sitting on The Calypso next to my husband, Jacques.  Wearing our matching hats that I knitted, his in Navy...mine in Pink,a place where I am not afraid of water, or of the dark, or of small enclosed spaces.


really? claustrophobic AND afraid of the dark.... do you sleep with the lights on? :)

i like your "current" dream, too. :)

jack is going to LOVE his new hat!
Erin said…
Love the hat. And really, what an awesome picture of it!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Keana! I love this has and have been wanting to make it forever. SO great to see you and your amazing little tot today:)

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