I got some stuff done!

I have been busy being a mommy & doing lots of things, but I am pleased to announce that I did get two projects done that have been eating at me! First off, I got my black & gold chevron scarf done. My son just finished his 9th grade football season & I will be wearing this scarf to every game until he graduates. This is the only photo I have of it, though it is not a very artistic photo it sure is one of my favorites.

The sewing gods smiled on me once again, and let me finish the pajama pants that I have been trying to finish for 6 months. Actually my mom smiled on me, right before she passed away I got her 1980 Kenmore Sears sewing machine & it runs so smooth. So I got to finish those pants, finally! Here they are! Jack and I were rockin out to a little Guitar Hero...he loved it.
Next time I am using bed sheets & skipping the trim. This material was a linen mix & were a PAIN to sew, since I don't know how to sew linen. The puckered occasionally & I had to rip out seams a couple times and they are scratchy. So I don't recommend a linen blend for p.j. pants.
(Sabrina was the photog on these shots, and did pretty well, I think)

I went outside the other day to shoot some random things, I got this photo(untouched) & I wanted to share it because I really like it. Winter is on it's way, the leaves are mostly gone & a chill is in the air. 50 shopping days left!


Erin said…
Love the PJ pants and I might even love the picture of you jumping with the PJ pants on even more. :)
Carrie K said…
The jump photo is fab! Cute PJ's. Odd about linen, I'd've thought they'd be nice. Maybe after you've washed them a million times? Linen does get nicer the older it gets. Unlike me. :)
Lara said…
Great pictures! Love the photo of you and your son!
you crack me up.
i miss you.
when are we getting together????
KnitPastis said…
Totally loving these projects, the scarf, the PJ bottoms especially the cuff with butterflies and wow....your new room! So cool! Your sons, OMG how they have grown.
Now I am kicking myself for not making my scarf longer. Your scarf is AMAZING! I love it!
Jessica said…
My plan is to make PJ pants this weekend though I don't think I'll end up with awesome photos like yours:)
robin said…
Looking good, lady! Love the jumping-in-the-pajama-pants pic!
Kathy said…
Glad to see the crafty mojo is coming back and with time to get it done!
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