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Time flies by when your house is under construction. The days get away from me faster than I can blink & by 9 p.m. I am tired & wanting to go to bed. Maybe it's that I only have a 101 days left before the baby comes, maybe I am just getting old. Whatever the case I have been up to things, I just haven't had time to share....so here it goes. Short & sweet.Ruby is cooking along & is the only thing that I am working on at the moment. Ruby is more challenging & only gets worked on at night when the kids are tucked away. I am past the second armhole & am looking forward to the end, so I can start on the sleeves.I made these cute little letters for the Easter/Spring holiday for my mantle. Cardboard letters from JoAnn, painted by me with a cute little cutouts from JoAnn hot glued onto them. I had to take it easy for a couple of weeks because of a low-lying, torn placenta....I was kind of on "couch rest." But after another sonogram this past week I have been given the OK & everything fixed itself. These letters were a result of my "couch rest" period.I had baskets for everyone on Easter morning, including one for my husband. It consisted of some of his favorite candies & these really cool beer bands. I rediscovered Pier 1 Imports recently & found these there. Just like us ladies have wine charms the men can now have beer bands.My FIL brought me back these wonderful truffles from Belgium, If you have never had Belgium truffles or Belgium chocolate I insist that you try it. Find someone headed over there & beg them to bring you back some of these. You won't be sorry. It made my Easter so much better!Honestly, I could run off a list of the things that have been going wrong in our home. From the 4 hours I spent at Pep Boys the day before Easter with a 15-month old getting my car fixed, only to come home exhausted & find that my husband & our drywall-er had ripped out a Living Room ceiling because of a leak/crack. Which in under most circumstances isn't awful but when you are having Easter dinner the next day it's kinda bad.

But the worst is that 2 days before Easter we found out that the little boy you see there with that smiling face has a hernia & needs surgery. I am contemplating running away for a while until all the craziness is over. It's starting to wear me down. Anyone know any good pregnant lady vacation spots?

Miss you all.....I am going to go to my Google Reader now to catch up on all of you!


Anonymous said…
you have been busy! Urgh, missing living room ceiling? I think my head would have exploded!!
Ruby looks awesome, she'll grow. Don't worry, love those letters too! Glad to hear that you are feeling better.
One of my friends daughter had to have hernia surgery when she was 2.5, from what I gathered it was common and she recovered very quickly! All the best to your little guy ((hugs))
I will think good thoughts for things to calm down soon!
Nicole said…
whew! you have been up to a lot! i am so so glad you are ok! and hopefully the last 101 days will be uneventful! ruby looks fabulous btw :O) jack will be in my prayers!
tiennie said…
What a cutie! I'm very glad that you're OK now and I'm wishing the cutie all the best for his surgery. Hope things calm down soon!
Whew! I am exhausted just reading your post. So sorry for that little cutie of yours. We'll be thinking about you!
Sandy said…
Oh my gosh, poor little guy! A poor you! Thank God for chocolate though.
I hope everythign will calm down soon with the house.
I love the orange you chose for Ruby too!
Carrie K said…
Sad for the little guy! He's a cutie.

I love your spring letters!

Catching up. That's what I'm doing now.

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