I finished Felicity a couple of weeks ago & forgot to post it! It was a simple knit & I really love this hat. Looks great on, especially from the front but I won't show you my unwashed, raccoon-eyed tired face today, don't want you all to loose your breakfast.

I have been working on the remainder of Ruby like a mad woman, I am past the second armhole & cruising along. It's my night time knitting because nothing gets done during the day.

Today I have electricians here, and this weekend they broke into the main part of the house & tore out the walls separating Sabrina & Jack's rooms. Lots of dust & lots of cleaning today....here is shot of what used to be Sabrina's wall & Jack's Closet...all gone...


Anonymous said…
Cute hat!

I really want to see pics of your remodel. I love home projects. I hope you all are doing well during the construction!
oh! oh! oh!!!
SO CUTE!!!!!!!

how exciting to have that remodel going on. it will be finished before you know it!
Anonymous said…
lovely hat! So darn cute!

yay for remodeling! Its always such a joy to live though, but the results are great! I feel your pain girl, Mike and I have to replace the windows in our house. GAH! Too many choices!
Jane said…
so cute and you're getting closer on your remodel!
Anonymous said…
I love that my nephew is playing with electricity.......Pan of water anyone ????
Knitterella said…
Love the hat! So funny to see this because I just finished one last night (and already casted on for another this morning!) It's a really cool hat pattern.

ooo, remodeling - it will be great to have the extra room - good luck with everything!
Nicole said…
the hat is great from behind :o)

good luck with your remodel!

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