Cookie Exchanges...bah humbug!

Hi my name is Keana and I'm a houswife who can't bake, or doesn't want to bake, I'm not sure which. A little of both I think. I bake occasionally, a batch of cookies here a cake there but when it comes down to it I'd rather cook. I know a lot of people that bake around the holidays & give away cookies but honestly if I baked for that long I would want to keep them for myself. I seem to always burn cookies or screw up cakes, though I am really good at no-bakes & bar-type cookies. Every year when Christmas rolls around I just make a TON of these. I package them in these great tins & chinese food containers that cost $1.00 at Michael's and off they go. To cookie exchanges, teachers, neighbors, family. This particular batch is headed to 2 cookie exchanges with me this week. Most exchanges ask that you make 3 or more dozen & seperate them into half dozen packages. Since you can't really give somebody just 6 of these I scoop about a half pound into each package.
5 bags of Snyder's of Hanover Snaps, 10 pounds of chocolate discs, 4 bags of M&M's and about 8 hours of work, I have these. Easy to make & delicious to eat, just ask the extra 5 pounds I've put on in the past 2 days. You can find the Recipe here!


Robin said…
I'm just the opposite - I'd much rather bake than cook! I think most people tend to have a preference for one over the other.
Anonymous said…
Yummy! (from a fellow non-baking mom!)
KnitPastis said…
Yay! You made this again this year. I love these and you packaged them so pretty!
Tempting me to make some:)
Jane said…
I forgot about these and just LOVE them! Since I haven't started my baking...I'm adding them to my list!
Marisol said…
These look really nice and yummy:)
i bought the "stuff" to make those. i love them.
love your photos, too.
Nicole said…
yes , so yummy!!! thanks for the idea!!!
Anonymous said…
mmmm those are so good! I'll have to make up a batch, the ones I made last year didn't last for very long!
I'm just the opposite, I love to bake and hate to cook. Probably because I'm much better than baking than I am at cooking.
Rebecca said…
If you would like a change of pace try this one:

heat oven to 200; dump pretzels on cookie sheet; make single layer; put a Rollo candy on top of each pretzel --- bake for NO more than 10 minutes; remove and smush down the Rollo with a Hershey's Kiss.

Gotta love them! I buy Rollos at Sam's or these would cost a fortune!!

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