Cat Lady

I cast on a new project 2 days ago. The UPS guy delivered a box of yarn! I wonder if he thinks I am a little nutty, every time he makes a stop I say. "Oh, yeah you brought me yarn!" In an ecstatic shrieking tone.

This one is so much fun to knit. It is from the book Knitting The Easy Way by Terry Kimbrough. It is out of print but I did buy a used copy on
I'm using what it calls for, Karabella "Aurora 8" in Vermillion. Which I bought from YarnMarket.
I'm really falling for cables, I don't do them often enough! Such an easy pattern.
My daughter's cat joined me for a little knitting this afternoon. His name is Lucky. He is quite possibly one of the most annoying cats in the world. But he was keeping me warm so I left him on my lap.


Anonymous said…
Oh, he looks too sweet to be annoying but believe me I would never underestimate a cats ability to cloak their annoyance factor when they are looking for a place to curl up. I get that.

Cabling is so much fun! Glad you are enjoying it.
Anonymous said…
I thought the estatic shrieking tone was de rigeur.

Cute project! Useless cat? lol. At least he was a nice lap warmer.
KnitPastis said…
Well hello Lucky! Sweet cat.
Oh, that is going to be so soft in that yarn.
ha. a cat user! :)

oh. that book sounds great. love the cables, too.

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