I still had no luck finding my camera, I am beginning to think I have Alzheimer's. I stole my daughter's camera & snapped quick photo. Bob will be modeled by Jack this weekend at the pumpkin patch. That is where I believe Bob will shine.
The ratty looking white cloth hanging above Bob are my Martha Stewart Ghosts. Make them. They were quick, easy & look so cool at night.

Stop by & check out this new blog from a dear friend of mine that I have known since the boys were in pre-school together!!! She recently left us here in Pittsburgh for a sunnier climate but her artistic vision lives on. She has her own businesses & is great at all of them! Congrats on the blog Cris. Can't wait to see all the great stuff you make!


those ghosts look so hard. not easy.

can't wait to see jack. in bob.
Anonymous said…
Bob looks very Halloweeny.

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