Blocked, sewn & delivered!

FINALLY! I am done with my mother's blanket & it is on it's way to Altoona. I hit a little snafu in the end that I was not expecting. ONE, and only one panel was too long?! I think the culprit was a cable that was longer than the others, I must of lost count. Instead of ripping the whole thing & re-knitting that panel, which is what I should of done. I was lazy & only ripped a few inches. I don't think mom will notice that there is only 7 cables instead of 8.

I shipped it off today & was very happy with it. It is incredibly heavy. I think it will keep her very warm! My son modeled it for me on the deck, even though it was 90 degrees out & he was very hot, thanks Justin! I can't wait for her to get it. I'moff now to dome more & get ready to leave for the shore in 12 days! Yeah....Vacation!


Lara said…
The blanket looks great! I don't think I would have re-knit the panel either. I have no doubt that your mother will love it!
me either. i would have done EXACTLY what you did.
it looks great........and i KNOW it will keep her warm.
she is going to love it.
Robin said…
I love the last picture with your cute little doggie snuggled up on it!!
KnitPastis said…
Your mom's blanket turned out so beautiful! I know she is going to cherish it and use it the entire winter months. Such a nice thick blanket and a cheerful color. Me too, I would have done what you did.
That sounds so good right about now, going to the shore.

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